Baby Barber at 12 weeks and 2 days ❤️

What an absolutely magical, unbelievable day it was on Wednesday seeing the little bean turn into an actual baby-looking human!

Tom was allowed to come with me what with it being the first scan and there was a TV screen on the wall in front of us and the scan lasted a long time because baby was so comfy and wouldn't move so that the sonographer could get the measurements she needed!

At one point though they started wriggling and even turned their back on us 😂 it was honestly so amazing to watch. I burst into tears as soon as I saw it and then couldn't take my eyes off it. I wanted to lie there all day and watch it move about.

You'll see in the top photo that baby has one arm behind his head and the other over their mouth. Proper chilled.

We also had screening for Downs, Edwards and Patau's Syndromes which we will hear about in the next week or two. Your result just tells you whether you have a high chance or a low chance. However, the measurement of fluid on screen of the back of the neck was within the threshold so I don't feel worried or nervous about our result.

We'll see baby again for our 20 week scan some time in mid-October and I can't wait at all. I'm so excited, relieved and feel so lucky.

Sending love to you all.

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