And now he's a real life baby!

Watching this video still blows my mind. Daily. It's our Fred at the very beginnings of his creation outside the womb in a petri dish. He was such a wriggly little thing even then!

Today marks a whole year since our embryo transfer. 13th June 2020 in the midst of a pandemic that we thought might be coming to an end for the summer and yet here we are still finding our way out of it on 13th June 2021.

I remember transfer day so well. It was over so quickly that I almost couldn't believe that's all it took after all the medication and our break due to lockdown. You can read about it here from a previous blog post.

Tomorrow, our little embryo is going to be 4 months old. How mad is that? I still can't work it out, it's completely bonkers. Most days I will look at him in disbelief that he even exists, that he's mine and that one day he'll be talking, walking, making his own way in the world. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

He's a busy little bean now. Wants constant attention and to be kept amused. He smiles everyday and at the end of mine when I get into bed I spend at least 2 minutes looking at how beautiful he is and imagining what life would have been like if the little embryo in this video didn't make it. Just doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

Forever grateful for our chance given to us by the amazing NHS and taking a moment today to look back on the efforts that got us here.

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