Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It's time to share a little update on day 3 after egg collection

OK, are we sitting comfortably? I'm going to list it in bullet form rather than my usual wordy chitter chatter...

  • We had around 11 visible follicles on our pre egg collection scans

  • They collected 8 eggs in total

  • Later that day they called us to say we have 7 matured eggs

  • 7 went ahead for fertilisation

  • Tuesday we had a call from the nurse- they said we won't be doing a transfer and whatever embryos we end up with will be frozen

  • Wednesday (yesterday) embryologist confirms we have 5 embryos all progressing nicely with one of them slightly slower / weaker than the rest

  • Thursday (today) embryologist confirms we still have 5 embryos that have made it to day 3 and the weakling is actually doing much better

  • We'll have a break from phone calls on Friday (tomorrow)

  • They'll call us on Saturday with our day 5 blastocyst news with a mild warning that they do expect to see a little bit of a drop off in numbers.

Soooo as it stands... We are mummy and daddy to 5 little embryo babies!!! It might sound a little bit crazy to call ourselves that but with everything we've been through... FUCK IT! That's what we are.

We are so chuffed with everything and how far we've come that we deserve to be positive about it. It's also incredibly scary to think that one of those little embryos could be a little son or daughter to us one day - how mad is that???

Meanwhile, I'm starting to feel slightly more grateful (in a way) for not having our transfer planned later this week. The amount of stress flying around with the pandemic is unreal and I wouldn't want to put my body through it after everything it's been through already. Plus I want to be nice and calm and relaxed when they put it back and enjoy my first few weeks of pregnancy, not spend it cooped up in lock down or isolation! I know there are lots of women out there that don't have a choice in this and my heart is with them all. The women who've had cancelled cycled, recent transfers or not able to even start. We are where we are and it sucks.

To make matters slightly worse, we have been given notice at work that they will be making cuts to hours and head count before the week is out. I don't know what that means for my role specifically but I work in hospitality and before long I suspect our bars and restaurants will be forced to close. On the bright side, lots of time to update my blog and use my new present to myself!

I found this book online and it's provided much need distraction already! I actually thought initially it would be handy for the two week wait but it seems our wait will be ever so slightly longer 😂

Stay safe and look yourselves x

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