Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Oh my god, it's finally happening!

So we had our follow up progress scan today with our 11 follicles. Our nurse was lovely and explained we have 4 ready to be collected with 7 up and coming. So we've got tonight and Saturday to continue with stims before pulling our trigger shot on Saturday night at 11.15pm on the dot!

For those that don't know, the trigger shot is used to mature the eggs ready for collection and is timed perfectly with your surgery so imperative it's taken on time.

I'll be honest that I was initially a bit disappointed with the number of follicles but the nurse said it was really good result with my low AMH (egg quantity) but I have age on my side for egg quality. She reassured me that they will drain every single follicle no matter what the length and that nobody really knows for sure what you'll end up until egg collection day itself. So I'm keeping everything crossed and staying as positive as I can without trying to think about every single outcome.

And now I'm all excited, nervous, happy, emotional and ready for the weekend. I've decided to become a hermit at home this weekend and take some time to chill, read some books, binge watch TV and eat some good food. Part of me is a little bit worried about Coronavirus (oddly only when I read the news- anyone else?) but it's mostly just to relax and hide from the madness so I can go into Monday morning feeling refreshed and ready.

Tom is booked in at 9am for his sample (he's giving a fresh one as well as using a frozen sample they have in storage already) and I'm being admitted at 9.30am. I was also surprised to learn that once I'm in theatre it's a 20-30 minute procedure! So I'm less nervous than I was about being sedated.

I've started the weekend just right with a massage from my friend Caroline, followed by a big bowl of gnocchi pasta 😋 so bring on the massive hermit session!!! I feel super chilled. Arthur is also helping wherever possible ❤️

Whatever happens from this point forward, I'm proud of everything we've handled so far. I'm proud that we've kept our cool and nailed every single injection and I'm proud that we're able to talk about how we're feeling. It feels like one of life's biggest tests so far and we've coped pretty well with it so I'm feeling a sense of invincibility 💪🏻


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