Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Today we did it, we got to egg collection!

After 4 weeks of meds, we made it to egg collection despite a pandemic. If you know BCRM, you'll know there's a door from reception with the sign 'Theatres' above it and you long to be the woman heading through those doors for collection or transfer. Today, I was that woman.

We got separated initially for Tom to give his fresh sample even though they have a frozen one from when be was in his 20s. We thought we may as well cover all bases so to speak. I went through the magical doors into a new kingdom where a lovely nurse called Julie went through some paperwork with me and what to expect. I was number 5 today, out of how many I have no idea.

Before long Tom was back with me (he said it went fine his end 🙈) and we mostly sat holding hands waiting for our turn with a few little tears of anxiety from me. An anaesthetist came to see me and checked everything off then I saw our very first consultant, Alexandra Price. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see anyone before. Dr Price was always our preferred consultant and we were always really sad that we didn't see her again throughout the process. She would be performing our surgery today and it put me at ease immediately. I always felt Dr Price was on our side, she understood our difficulties and never made excuses for them but was matter of fact with just the right amount of positivity. I think she was pleased to see us too and spent about 15 minutes chatting and going through our notes. She was surprised it had taken us this long to get here and was sad for us that we'd hit so many bumps in the road. I couldn't think of a better person to be collecting our eggs.

So shortly again after that I was heading into theatre, spoke to an embryologist at the window and then lay down on a bed, cannula in my hand and that's about all I remember.

Next thing I know, I'm awake again on the ward and chatting to Julie about how I'm feeling and if I'd like some water. She briefly mentions I've got 8 eggs but at first I wasn't sure if I heard her correctly. Tom comes through and we're having a cuddle when Dr Price reappears and asks me if I remember what she told me in theatre and I'm like... Uhh... Nope. So she finds my notes and says we got 'at least 8 eggs' and that an embryologist will phone us later in the day with a full update. She also said that any adhesions in my womb lining are not of concern and to carry on with the rest of the cycle as normal. At which point I started to cry with relief and so did she ❤️

After a plate of cheese and biscuits we were dressed and on our way home. At 3.30pm, the embryologist calls and says we're down to 7 eggs as one unfortunately didn't mature but they're happy with the number and will call us on Wednesday with a further update. They expect to get to day 5 for a transfer on Saturday. They were also able to use Tom's fresh sample.

I started writing this blog post earlier this afternoon before the government announcements about Coronavirus and now I feel a tad uncertain about the rest of our cycle. I know it seems selfish to talk like this in the middle of a worldwide life or death situation but we are so close I can smell it! I don't really know how I feel about it. Panic mixed in with anxiety, mixed in with a lack of control and tiredness. I suppose we will have to wait and see what our clinic announces in light of this evening's news. I am certainly grateful that at least my eggs are out and in a worse case scenario can be frozen.

I'm wishing all my TTC sisters lots of love and calm during this uncertain time. As well as those with vulnerable or elderly relatives. Look after each other x

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