Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Why he’s the absolute best and my belief that cats are good for stress management.

Before I begin, I am completely aware that judgements will be made about this specific blog post. Bring. Them. On! I am a crazy cat lady and I’m about to share this personality trait in its full glory.

So, actually, we already have a little family. Arthur has been with us for 4 years now but honestly it feels like he always has been. December 2015, someone posted a photo of him on a town Facebook group asking if anyone was missing their cat as he had followed hers home. He looked a bit battered and scratched up and comments came in saying he had been seen around with one lady saying she’d taken him to Cat’s Protection before but they had no room for him. I commented and said I would take him if he didn’t belong to anyone... without discussing it with Tom... 😁

The lady was keeping him in her garage and feeding him. It had a cat flap so he could come and go. We were about to go on holiday to Iceland (little did I know it was to get engaged), so I said if he was still there when we got back I would come and collect him and I left a cat bed with her as a gesture of my promise.

Fast forward 5 days later, we’re back, engaged and Arthur hadn’t left the cat bed in all of that time. He knew I’d be back for him. I was so excited to get him home. He was so dirty and scruffy so I ran him a bath and scrubbed him until his white bits were no longer yellow. He just stood in the water and took it, happy to be indoors. Later that night he must have spent about 4 hours curled up on my lap snoozing as a sign of gratitude, he’s barely left my lap since.

Arthur was named as such because he is a slightly older chap. The vet thought around 10 when we took him in so he’s around 14 now. He’s a bit grumpy too so it fit perfectly.

He’s been an amazing little companion. He’s cost us a fortune in tests because he’s often been poorly with undiagnosed gastro issues and now suffers from kidney disease so he’s on a strict diet. But, I don’t regret a single penny spent on him.

I’ve always believed that cats (or pets) are with you for a reason. (This might be the part that makes me crazy). Growing up we’ve always had cats as a family and they’ve always seemed to be with us at particularly difficult times. They also sadly always seemed to leave when those times got better, a little like they were there to help you resolve it and work through it and now their mission was complete. I believe that’s why Arthur is with me.

I moved him to Bristol with Tom and I when we relocated from Wales and he was a big comfort for me, like I’d brought a piece of home with me to the big city. Whenever I’m down, he’s always right by my side ready for a cuddle or a head butt.

There’s also been a huge amount of research into cats and their effect on stress levels. Like this article in The Telegraph or this one in News Week. Big advocate, if you haven’t been able to tell already!

Either way, Arthur is the best medicine. I wanted to write about him this week as I’ve been spending a lot of time relaxing and being kind to myself whilst we wait to start ICSI in the new year. Arthur is always the best to have around on those occasions.

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