Updated: May 14, 2020

And a little reminder to be cheerful.

My period has arrived today, almost a week after we should have had our embryo transfer and I did wonder for a moment if it would have arrived had we gone ahead with transfer and therefore confirmed an unsuccessful ICSI round. But then I thought, what's useful about that way of thinking?

Instead, I've decided to be as happy as I can be about my period arriving. Celebrating my body's natural rhythm returning to its former glory after 8 weeks of jabs, hormones and putting it through its paces. It's a gentle reminder (that was far too soft, a fucking chronically painful reminder - thanks endometriosis) that I'm back to being me for now and our little adventure is just on pause until this horrid Covid situation is over. There are many women out there in far worse infertility situations than me so I feel grateful and lucky.

Then as if the universe heard me, we got the above letter through the post today just confirming everything since egg collection and what we have waiting for us at the end of this nightmare. I might frame it. Something to hold on to during the coming weeks and I couldn't be prouder of us both.

With the arrival of my period, I decided to put on my big girl t-shirt on today to remind myself that I can get through anything. I'm not normally a slogan T-shirt fan but I bought this halfway through our cycle when I was feeling a bit low from The Spark Company who are all about feminism and I must have been feeling low because I responded to a targeted ad of theirs! I never do that. Anyhow, I use it as a reminder of my time doing IVF drugs and a reminder that I somehow still managed to find it within myself to 'WOMAN UP' even if I had to buy a t-shirt to prove it.

More importantly, I saw an amazing t-shirt which I had to have and genuinely wanted as a reminder of our IVF cycle from @oi_stork_ttc on Instagram. Funds from the t-shirt go directly to Fertility Network UK so I also felt like I was helping. It arrived on the day of my egg collection but not until after we got home from the clinic so I had a wash and put it on to take a nap ❤️ I will post a picture of me actually wearing it soon but I've worn it so much already during isolation that it's in the wash :)

Hoping everyone is managing to stay sane during this lock down, I'm planning on maybe writing some more book reviews since I love to read and I am still waiting to hear from my job whether I'm furloughed from April... 🤞🏻

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