Updated: May 14, 2020

Well that was some exciting news wasn't it?

Every day that passes by and every government announcement there's always a little thought in the back of my mind that hopes "today will be the day when they reopen clinics." Friday 1st May was the day where that hope was realised and Matt Hancock announced they can start to reopen.

Amazing! Lots of happy tears and lots of tequila later I realised that 2020 might still end up being our year after all.

Fast forward to Saturday's hangover and visiting HFEA's website, it didn't quite seem so straight forward. Clinics can submit an application on Monday 11th May to reopen. And who knows how long that application may take to be approved?

Luckily, our clinic offered a webinar to address some of those questions and reassure patients of their reopening plans and continuation of treatment plans. So on Tuesday evening at 6pm, we tuned in to watch Mr Akande take us through it.

The gist of it was:

  • They apply on Monday 11th May to demonstrate they can practice safely for both patients and staff.

  • The application may take a few days to be approved but they don't see it taking longer than a week.

  • They have increased their team head count to help with the back log of cancelled treatments.

  • Patients who had cancelled treatments or were in the middle of a cycle will be prioritised over any new patients.

  • Embryo transfers will happen but partners not allowed in the room to keep to safe distancing rules.

So all really positive news! The webinar was insightful and reassuring and made us excited to continue.

The only downside is that Tom won't be with me when I watch them pop our little frostie back into my womb on the screen. Normally a special moment to be shared but we've been assured we can at least have a little scan picture to take home. It's upsetting but also strange times so what can we do 🤷🏻‍♀️

In terms of our process now, we have to wait for the first day of my period again, followed by ovulation (likely to use tests to help predict it) and embryo transfer will happen just after that. We are still waiting for someone from the clinic to give us a call and chat us through the exact procedure and timings but that's what I took from it. My next period is due on 24th May so not too long to wait (and again one of the only times that I look forward to its arrival)! If you have any more details on frozen embryo transfers you can share with me, please do!

So for now, we wait and cross our toes, fingers, tubes and anything else we can find for a May reopen and a June transfer 🤞🏻

In other news, I am being brought back from furlough into my job from Monday 11th. Secretly I had hoped to have the transfer while I was still off so it was less disruptive but this is of course just my luck! I'm happy to be going back to keep busy and distracted but hope it won't be as stressful as usual ahead of the transfer. We shall see!

Stay safe out there 💕

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