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Well it's been a little while since my last blog post and I've been missing the therapeutic feeling I get from journalling especially since lots has happened for us since our 7 week scan, so I thought an update was in order!


Firstly, we are still pregnant! Would you believe it!? I've mostly spent this time worrying that we wouldn't be but I was 11 weeks on Monday 10th so we are on a fairly short countdown to 12 weeks next week. Our dating scan is on Wednesday 19th and I'm so excited to see baby again and see how much they've grown.

We also didn't tell many people but we decided to get a private scan at 9 weeks. We were both so anxious and with Tom not being allowed to attend our first viability scan at 7 weeks I really wanted him to be more involved (and actually believe it was happening)!

So we paid to attend a local scanning clinic (Window to the Womb - what an incredibly vomit inducing name!?) But I have to say the staff were incredible and we got an updated scan photo of baby Barbs. Everything looked great and she said they had a nice healthy heartbeat 🥰

I've also had my first midwife appointment which was also lovely and helped things to sink in a little further!


In hugely sad news, we lost our best pal, Arthur. He's been with us through everything since we first got together and although he was an old boy when we got him, we really wanted him to be here when baby arrived. I feel quite philosophical about cats, I believe they're in your life for a reason and only leave when they're comfortable that you're ready to take on the next chapter without them. He was with us every step of the way through IVF and he was with us on the bed when we took some selfies as a family with our positive pregnancy test. We had to make a very horrible decision based on advice from our vet as his ongoing health issues got too much for him. We miss him everyday and the house doesn't feel like much of a home any more 💔 it was his house really and we just live here.

Moving house

So during lock down, when the clinic had closed, but the property market was still bouyant and house viewings were allowed to resume, we sold our lovely house! We were tired of waiting around for pregnancy and we wanted to be in a nicer area regardless of whether a family was on the cards for us or not. We sold it in 4 days! How incredible is that!? And we've also found a lovely little home for our next move a little further out of the city with more green spaces and better schools 😉 We're so sad not to be bringing Arthur with us, but this house now only reminds us of him so we're looking forward to a fresh start. We're hoping to complete at the end of this month.

Collecting feathers

My mum has always had a theory that whenever she sees a White feather, it's someone that she's loved and lost just popping by to say hello or remind you that everything's going to be ok. It might sound a bit Forest Gump or a load of horseshit to those more cynical but I've noticed it from time to time and not read too much into it. However, since we've been lucky enough to get pregnant and I've felt so anxious and in need of reassurance I've seen white feathers everyday of our pregnancy so far. And in the week that Arthur passed, I'd see two or more in the strangest locations. Like in a bush next to where I was sat in someone else's garden or just laying on our decking. So I started to collect them and keep them in a jar. It gives me peace of mind and in a weird way makes me feel more in control of my pregnancy, even though I'm not really!

Werk werk werk

I've been back at work with an almighty bang. Loads to do and everything is really busy. We even opened a new restaurant in Birmingham this week. Feels strange in the midst of a pandemic but it's happening.

Work have also been surprisingly supportive of my news so far. I've had a risk assessment with my boss and felt supported each week with how I'm feeling. I'm keen to understand what they'll do with my role during maternity leave but that's me, always thinking too far ahead. Feels strange even writing the words maternity leave like it's actually something I need to consider in the near future!?

I hope all my blog readers are doing well. I'd still like to be there for those going through IVF, endometriosis and everything in between. Always happy to answer questions and hear your updates ☺️

My plans are to post a 12 week update and maybe a 20 week update and perhaps a new baby post but probably leave the account dormant after that. I've never wanted this to be a blog about pregnancy or motherhood so it just wouldn't feel right.

Take care x

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