I know the title sounds really boring... So here's a bump picture instead.

(Sorry about the no make up / lack of brushed hair and fluffy sock combo).

I really never intended to use this blog to write about pregnancy but I've really felt inspired lately but some amazing direct messages from women with endometriosis. They've told me keep writing and to keep spreading the positive news of my pregnancy so I've decided to listen and thank them profusely for reading!

These messages have made me feel incredibly grateful for where I am today. I started to feel slightly guilty that I haven't seemed to take a breath and realise how far I've come since the start of our little road to pregnancy. To be completely honest, I've spent most of my pregnancy in disbelief. I still wake up some mornings when I lie on my back and my bump is a little smaller than it is in the evenings and think just for a second that it was all a dream. And I want to cry. And then I'll feel a little kick and the most outrageous hunger pains and remember that he's in there, waiting to be fed and it makes it all the more real again.

My bump is ever growing too so that helps to realise it's actually happening!

My main purpose for today's post is to share my low blood pressure episode! I think part of the reason I've felt disbelieving of the pregnancy is that I've been one of those really lucky and annoying women and not had a single symptom. Absolutely nothing. The worst I've had is tiredness and hunger. And I mean for those that know me well, you could say this is me on a daily basis anyway...

So it sort of took my by surprise last week when I was chatting to a plumber in our kitchen (we're getting our bathroom replaced- all Covid secure before anyone says anything) and fainted! Tom was in London for work and so I was helped to the sofa by said plumber who didn't know what to make of me! I felt so weak! I called the midwife as soon as I'd rested and had some water and fruit and she said as long as I could feel baby moving around then there wasn't a reason to be concerned. My latest blood pressure reading had been on the low side (but not so low they wanted to do anything) and my iron reading in my latest blood test was a touch low too.

Cue flashbacks to when my iron would dip so low on my period that I couldn't make it out of bed some days. Our consultant said it would probably be down to the endometriosis and so that's all I've thought about since. How even in pregnancy, endo is teaching me a little lesson and trying to rule over my body!

So since then, I've been taking it easy. Nothing too strenuous and eating little and often (can you tell by my chubby face?) to keep my blood sugars up. Tom has been amazing at reminding me to stop because I generally find it very hard to be lazy and relax! There have been too many moments where he's had to remove a paint roller from my hands this month! There's so much painting to do and I want to use my furlough time wisely!

So next steps are a repeat blood test and pressure test next Tuesday and then I may move onto iron tablets (I'm currently taking vitamins containing iron and Floradix). So let's see what the midwife says then. On Monday, I'll be 28 weeks and can't believe I've made it this far without a hitch. I guess they say third trimester is the trickiest so hopefully this is the only thing I'll have to control 🤞🏻

Huge thanks to ladies who've messaged. I've taken screen shots of the messages but removed the names for anonymity. I'm always keen to chat to fellow endo warriors 💪🏻 Stay positive xx

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