Updated: May 14, 2020

And it's never late!

My period has only ever been late a handful of times that I can recall. And yes most of those times have been while we've been trying for our family. Because of course they have! Just when you think you might have defied the odds and got pregnant there she is like a messy, unreliable wench turning up fashionably late to a party when she wasn't even invited.

This month was no different. Except we haven't really been 'trying' per se. Just having a normal relationship for the first time in a while. And they say (whoever 'they' are) "Oh once you stop trying BAM! It'll happen." And while you really don't believe it and generally roll your eyes at that unhelpful phrase, there's always a part of you that's like: "what if?"

But no, not for us. My period arrived yesterday, bold, unsympathetic, painful and zapping all of my energy as usual. Albeit 5 days late. Around enough lateness to make you start flirting with the idea of taking a pregnancy test. On the bright side, at least I don't have to waste the expenditure of using one of those bad boys!

In other news, did you hear the government briefing yesterday? Matt Hancock announced that selected NHS departments around the UK can start to resume normal services and reopen for treatments. Of course there are more urgent departments for patients whose health worries are far more serious than mine, but it gave me hope.

So much hope in fact that I allowed myself to be that person and emailed our clinic to ask them if they fell into that category... Now our clinic isn't part of the NHS and in my heart of hearts I think they won't open until our lockdown rules have been loosened somewhat, but you never know, right? I'm eagerly awaiting their response this morning or at some point today.

Having done some more research last night than I've done this whole lockdown (because it's actually been nice not to think about any of it for a few weeks), I think it's unlikely they will reopen just yet. HFEA (Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority) are the governing body of fertility clinics and have given 4 clear check boxes that must be ticked before a clinic can reopen:

  • that Government restrictions on social contact and travel are lifted or eased

  • that restarting fertility treatment would not have a negative impact on the NHS

  • that there was no evidence that Covid-19 impacted on the health of pregnant women or their babies

  • that fertility clinics are able to provide a safe service.

So I think those are fairly clear. The lockdown should be eased before we can start treatment again. The only one I have a question mark about is 'the negative impact on the NHS'. In The Express article that I linked to above, Matt Hancock is clearly quoted as clarifying that the NHS is open if it's really needed in emergency cases and if you really need to use it, particularly A&E. So then how would fertility treatment put any more pressure on the NHS than usual? The only time you'd use NHS services would be after your treatment is successful and you're back into the usual pregnancy protocols of scans, etc. So I'm sure there are many women already using these services who are able to conceive naturally? Unless I've got that wrong and overthinking again?

Last night the government also announced they are now taking questions from the public as well as the media (which is a great idea) and of course the TTC (Trying To Conceive) community on Instagram is rallying to get their questions answered, particularly those who are perhaps slightly older and have more of a time limit on their treatment being able to work. So I joined them and asked my question online too. If you have a question you'd like to ask the government, click here.

Besides all this new excitement this week 😉 I've been pottering around the house in between NHS jobs and offering free marketing advice for small businesses. One of my highlights so far has been watching a few small flowers bloom from my prayer plant 💚 I also decided to dye my hair purple, because why the fuck not?

I hope everyone is staying safe and well and anxiety free. If you have any helpful advice to offer on the above then I'm all ears!

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