Updated: Mar 27, 2020

And still no symptoms 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hello belly! Head over to Insta to see the video if you're not too squeamish!

So I've completed my 7 day course of Norethisterone (the one that stops me having a period) and I should be expecting a period to now turn up in the next 5-7 days according to the schedule. The nurse says they want me to shed as much lining as possible so I can't wait for that 😬 I am slightly apprehensive given how much of a nightmare my periods are on a normal cycle so hopefully this one is manageable and not some sort of fresh hell in terms of pain.

I've also been injecting Buserelin daily since Tuesday (so for 6 days now) and have zero symptoms. I know this might seem a little arrogant to others going through the same and really suffering but having read blogs and been in touch with some lovely people in the TTC community I'm starting to worry that it's not normal not to have any symptoms at all! The best I can come up with is that I feel more tired than normal but I'm not sure if that's just life in general. Plus I've been trying to inject at the same time every day so have been getting up at 6.30am daily to do it and then struggling to get back to sleep on the weekends once it's done. (Side note, I head off for work at 7am if I'm walking in so 6.30am isn't crazy for me but it is on a weekend!)

My first injection was absolutely fine. I had a few tears beforehand because I've always considered myself to have a minor fear of needles. I always go through with it but dread that feeling of the impending scratch or sting. However, there was something about being the one in control of doing it that makes it so much more manageable. And the needles themselves are so thin and small (even though they look like the size of a church spire when you're trying to psyche yourself up initially!) they don't actually hurt very much at all. A little sting and then it's all over. A couple of them sting for like a minute afterwards and oddly only on the right side of my tummy so I've been sticking mostly to the left and middle. Luckily I've built up a nice little ring of belly fat to make it less painful too. But everyone has that right!? Right???? The worst part is what our nurse called 'The Poke' which made me smerk at first but now I totally understand what she means. That initial piercing of the skin trying to make a hole for it to go in. It's psychologically unnatural to want to do that to yourself!

Mostly I've been feeling pretty proud of myself for just getting on with it everyday and not over thinking every little thing. Most of all, I couldn't have done any of it every morning without my legend of a husband, he measures out all the medicine and loads the syringes for me and then tells me how much of a good job I'm doing ❤️ he really is the tits.

To add even more pressure, we're currently away on a family weekend for my step dad's 60th in Norway. Which is very lovely, but spending a whole weekend in close proximity with them is intense - more on that another time. Family relationships are really hard during IVF and even some friendships, lots to update you on in a whole other blog post!

I was also really worried about travelling with syringes and liquid medication as only took hand luggage but BA were totally chilled about it. I took a letter along from our clinic which explained why I needed it and put all my bits and bobs in their own Tupperware, but they weren't even bothered. They just put it through the scanner and nobody batted an eyelid. I guess they see a lot of TTC sisters these days 😂💉

I'm looking forward to our baseline scan on Monday 2nd if only to have some more contact with the clinic and get the first phase of it done and dusted. They'll be checking that everything is quiet, ovaries aren't actively up to much and my lining should be nice and thin. Then we can move on to stims (the ones that make you produce more follicles than normal).

If anyone has any tips on next steps beyond Norethisterone and what to expect then I'm all ears but managing to stay on top of it all at the moment. Love to anyone at the opposite end of the spectrum who might be finding it hard. You've got this 💪🏻

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