And we're provisionally booked for our embryo transfer in June.

So, finally the news that we have been waiting for! Our clinic, BCRM has re-opened and is ready for business. And considering they only applied on Monday 11th May, we didn't have to wait that long. A lovely nurse called Angie called us around midday on Tuesday 12th May with the news eager to get our embryo transfer booked in. If I didn't know any better, she sounded just as eager as us!

I thought we'd have to take some medication again but I'm having what's called a Modified Natural Cycle. Obviously, if the cycle had gone to plan the first time around then I would have skipped all this and little embryo would have been back with me 5 days after egg collection. But since my periods are regular (even though they hurt just like some little witch is in there stabbing me in the uterus every month), it means we have a pretty easy process to follow:

  1. I have to wait for my period, which is due roughly on 24th May. When it arrives, I call the clinic and let them know so they can predict a scan appointment for me.

  2. On day 10 of my cycle (so 10 days after my period starts), I begin using ovulation tests. Ah my old friends! More on those later.

  3. I take the tests twice a day 12 hours apart and when I get a smiley face (a surge in my hormones), I call the clinic and they get me in for a scan as close to that phone call as possible so it could be later that day.

  4. On the scan, they want to check for a nice thick lining, so all being well, we have the embryo back 5 days after that scan.

  5. We've predicted thitos be around the 11th June if everything goes to plan(!)

So a lot to get your head around if you're reading this for the first time, but a darn sight easier than having to check dates and medication at the same time, so I'm grateful.

Back to ovulation tests - what the actual fuck? I hate them so much, sometimes I used them when we were trying naturally and according to some, I never ovulated and then other times it was like I was ovulating everyday? So for our transfer, I've splashed out and bought Clear Blue ones with the smiley faces so it's really clear when it's happening! They had a deal on the Boots website, so 2 boxes for me, thanks!

In other news, I was brought back from furlough at my job on Monday. I'm grateful to still be employed and all that but there was part of me that was hoping to be off work when we got our transfer so I could really relax into it. It doesn't help that work is completely mental either. I work for a restaurant chain so trying to plan for something that may or may not happen on a given date is absolute carnage. Everyone's got an opinion which doesn't really matter until the government make a decision. To top that off, I'm obviously off the booze again and trying to exercise and eat healthily as much as I can ready for the little frostie.

What's hardest about all of this is that I haven't seen my friend or family properly since it was all cancelled. My family all live in Wales who are still on lock down and I daren't visit my grandparents anyway. I could really use a cuddle and a proper face to face chat and a laugh to help me bring back the perspective I had a week or two ago. But I guess I'm not alone in that.

Hopefully it won't be too long until we're able to see our loved ones properly again ❤️

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