Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This afternoon I took a call from our clinic who said they are not progressing with transfers at this time.

Thanks Covid 19! So in blunt terms our cycle has been cancelled, however, I prefer postponed. As far as we are aware we still have 7 eggs being fertilised in an embryoscope (that we had to pay for) and as long as some of them make it to day 5 they will be frozen ready to transfer at another date when Coronavirus has fucked off and left us alone.

It's horrid news when we are so close to the finish line but the reasons are of course valid. They don't want to make us pregnant, I fall unwell and potentially have health problems or a miscarriage because of Covid 19. Their goal is always to make us pregnant and they are protecting that outcome. Plus these are completely unprecedented times we're in. Who knew 2020 would see the world dealing with such a horrible threat to our humankind.

So when I was initially told, I was working from home on cancelling a number of events. Questions abundent from numerous different idiots asking us why (why!? Ummm have you seen the news?) And I was devastated. Of course I want to be pregnant and for none of this to matter but after some time to digest it's for the best that our little embryos are safe and frozen until we're ready to start again. I must remain positive in all this or it's going to be a really hard fall.

So now we wait until Saturday (which is day 5 and when we should have been transferring- it's ok I'm over it) and hope to high heaven that we have an embryo to freeze. We only need one please!! We'll continue to have the usual calls from the embryologist tomorrow and later this week with an update on how they're doing so 🤞🏻

I am sure many of the TTC community have had similar news and perhaps at even more inconvenient stages of their cycles which will be so hard. My heart goes out to each of them and I'm still clinging on to hope for us all.

Update again tomorrow when we have our first embryologist call 🤞🏻 In the meantime, I am actually celebrating a number of things... One being that I can drink booze again for the foreseeable and two being that Tom and I have our sex ban lifted. Ciao!

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