Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Stims underway so time to count those little follicles!

So there it is in red and orange, our progress report from today's scan.

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with that. Our consultant thought we'd have around 6 follicles at this point so to have 11 is really something!

They need to be 17mm or larger for collection so I'm now on a slightly higher dose of stims for the next 2 days to make sure things get to where they need to be. Hopefully all 11 make it to that size.

We have a repeat scan on Friday to see how it's going.

Whilst I'm pretty happy, I'm pretty tired today and all this coronavirus business is making me feel uneasy. I've started to feel nervous about egg collection and how it's going to go plus how I'm going to feel before during and after. My experience with surgery of late has been rather stressful. Doing my best to stay upbeat and positive but I feel drained today. It's hard to be 100% the whole time, even after relatively good news. I suppose I feel a touch of pressure to get the follicles to where they need to be and keen to understand what happens if they're not large enough by Friday...

We shall see!

Stay safe everyone x

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