Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It's day 6 and 3 good quality embryos have been frozen

Today is officially the last day of our cycle of IVF... For now. We've been lucky enough to have our eggs collected and in touch with the embryologist all week about our embryo development ready to go into the freezer. Transfer pending post Covid nightmare.

Here's a wee re-cap with the new bits added since my last post:

  • We had around 11 visible follicles on our pre egg collection scans

  • They collected 8 eggs in total (Monday 16th)

  • Later that day they called us to say we have 7 matured eggs

  • 7 went ahead for fertilisation

  • Tuesday 17th we had a call from the nurse- they said we won't be doing a transfer and whatever embryos we end up with will be frozen

  • Wednesday 18th embryologist confirms we have 5 embryos all progressing nicely with one of them slightly slower / weaker than the rest

  • Thursday 19th embryologist confirms we still have 5 embryos that have made it to day 3 and the weakling is actually doing much better

  • We had a break from phone calls on Friday 20th

  • They called us on Saturday 21st with news that we had 3 very good quality embryos 1 X 5AB, 2 x 5BB that they wanted to freeze and wanted to keep an eye on the other 2 and call us Sunday 22nd with an update on those.

  • They called us this morning (Sunday 22nd) to say one had made it to blastocyst stage but was low grade at 5DD and the other had stopped developing so they won't be freezing either of those.

So there we have it. On Mother's Day, I am proud Mumma to 3 little embabies!

I know that sounds a bit weird and you can call me crazy if you want to but positivity will reign through in our house especially whilst in isolation. So happy Mother's Day to us!

In other news, I have been taking delightful Cyclogest pessaries everyday since Tuesday. I can't say I've suffered with them too much save for having to wear panty liners all week (of you catch my drift). However, they've also stopped as of last night so we are completely free to self isolate in peace for the foreseeable. If you're not familiar with a pessary, it's like a suppository except it goes up your front bottom... 😊 They've given me slightly tender boobs but that's about it. I can probably expect a period in the not too distant future while my body gets back to its natural cycle after everything I've put it through in the last 5 weeks. Hope it's not too different to normal.

Finally, this weekend has mostly been about drinking all of the wine because I can, walking in the sunshine (in our local area and staying a safe distance from others) and doing some more colouring in. Highly recommend this colouring in book if you want a little giggle and a good distraction.

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