When all through the house,

Two creatures were stirring, me and my spouse.

The pineapple was sliced into tupperware with care,

In the hope that their embryo would soon be there.

The couple were nestled all snug in their bed,

While visions of parenthood danced in their heads.

And me in my PJs and him in his pants,

Had just settled our brains from our worrying chants.

When into my dream there arose such a clatter,

I listened intently to see what was the matter.

Away to the lab I flew like a flash,

And tore open the door with a very loud crash.

The light on the bed all moody and low,

Let's get ready and get on with the show.

When what to my wandering eyes should appear,

But an embryologist with a face full of cheer.

With a tray full of tools and wonderful stuff

I knew in a moment that I'd be up the duff.

More rapid than eagles I lay on the bed,

And found myself stirring from the dreams in my head.

Now tossing! Now turning!

And up for a wee!

Come on get comfy or get up for a tea.

Back in my head with the unhelpful thoughts,

Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

Back to my dreams my head let me fly,

Floating and soaring through the midnight sky.

Back to the clinic and lab I flew,

This time with Tom and the embryologist too.

And then in a twinkling, I'm back on the bed,

My legs up in stirrups, my face blushing red.

As I drew in my head and started to breathe,

I'm aware of my worry buried beneath.

The embryologist in scrubs from his head to his foot,

Clinically ready for the procedure afoot.

With a bundle of paperwork, my what a pack!

It's time to get this embryo back.

His face in a mask and us feeling wary,

His hands wearing gloves, which is now ordinary.

He checks off our names so we're ready to go,

Then everything around me starts to feel slow.

I awoke from my dream with a touch of confusion,

Has the whole thing been a little illusion?

It's 3 in the morning I can tell from the clock,

I thought it was later so that was a shock.

It's not long now and we'll be ready to transfer,

And every part of us hopes this is the answer.

A blink of my eyes and resettle my head,

Let's get some rest, let's get comfy in bed.

I drift back off and my dreams get to work,

Where I realise IVF has been a bit of a perk.

It's more than just a dream, it feels like Christmas Eve,

All we need to do now is believe.

I give in at six and wake with a smile,

We'll be with our embryo in just a little while.

Will it work? We'll try with all our might,

Happy Transfer Day to us! It's going to be alright!

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