Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Discovering an online infertility tribe

Well, as you will have read, I am fairly new to this entire experience but writing the blog and posting about it on my personal social media to kick things off has opened up a whole new world I didn't know existed! Top things I've learned so far:

  1. There are more people struggling with infertility, have gone through IVF, suffered miscarriages or worse in my own personal network. Thank you to the ladies who have got in touch with me directly to share their stories and offer support.

  2. I feel very sad that these stories are kept relatively secretive. It's a personal choice of course, but my mission is to ensure it's talked about so it's not so shocking for future couples.

  3. Pineapples are a symbol of infertility - who knew? Not me! You only need to search infertility on Instagram to be confronted by pineapples of all different shapes, sizes and colours.

  4. TTC is used a lot to abbreviate 'trying to conceive' - there are loads more acronyms I haven't got my head around yet.

Setting up an Instagram to share my words slightly wider has also helped me to find and follow some very courageous couples who may even be a few steps ahead of us in the process. I've learned so much that I doubt any medical professional would be able to share with us and I just wanted to do a quick shout out to some of the accounts I like the most.

  • The Fertility Tribe - an online community created for anyone suffering or having suffered with infertility. Humour, pregnancy stories, IVF and everything in between.

  • Lightvity - sharing their story of trying to conceive since 2017 in the form of little doodles and sketches.

  • IVF Mumblings - the realities of IVF.

  • Infertility Bloke - refreshingly from the point of view of the chap - something I have been showing to Tom on occasions as he's not on Instagram.

  • Bearface Prints - Founder of the IVF diary and something I hope to purchase one day. Beautiful stationery obsession!

  • ICSI Wales - might be because of my Welsh roots that this one stuck out but also a very real story of a current IVF cycle.

  • IVF Got This UK - Just a pretty grid and a real life couple from the UK. Positive quotes and doggos!

  • The Infertility Fighter - Generally follow for positive quotes and updates on IVF cycle number 6. What a warrior.

  • Hilariously Infertile - Mostly for humour but also inspiration. She has a book on Amazon which I'd like to read.

  • My Journey to IVF Devon - Someone that appears to be at the same stage as us in their journey on ICSI.

I wouldn't have to stop there either, there are hundreds. And I'm sure still lots more to discover if I had the time to spend trawling Instagram all day!

What an amazing feeling it is to know you are not alone in your negative thoughts and you have a space to go to vent, cry, laugh, learn and maybe feel a bit crazy without being judged, annoying your friends or allowing it to consume your everyday life. Everyday 'me' can carry on as normal on the face of it and rest in the knowledge there is plenty of help out there when I need it.

Here's to everyone fighting their own infertility battle - enjoy the sunny bank holiday weekend x

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