It's official, we got our embaby back yesterday!

Saturday 13th June at 1.30pm I trotted into BCRM without Tom to take care of our little 5 day embryo! This was following a call at 11.30am to say our embryo was ready to go and to come on in that afternoon.

Tom made sure I had a nice healthy breakfast of smashed avocado on toast with a poached egg and I wore my special t-shirt.

It was the now usual mask wearing, temperature taking on entry and I was called right through to theatre and the only one on the ward.

Nurse Carrie was there to ask me to pop a gown on and tick and sign all the correct forms. I sat on a large chair with my feet on stirrups and waited for them to prep. Embryologist Heather came to chat to me and confirmed our embryo had thawed perfectly, she said it looked untouched and was still hatching which was good news 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤞🏻

Then Carrie asked me to open my knees and pop them against the bars and she inserted a speculum. She used a saline solution to clean my cervix and then inserted a catheter (I couldn't feel any of this besides the speculum which just feels like the start of a smear test). Then we waited for Heather to bring the embryo through from the lab in another catheter, so that was popped in too. It wasn't until Carrie said: "OK and now I'm going to pop embryo back with you after 3. 1, 2, 3 and that's all done." Then I realised what was happening and started to feel a bit emotional, so much so that I clasped my hands together and I think I prayed. I've never been religious before but I prayed to something or someone that this would work for us. I prayed that our dreams would come true and that we'd have the family that we've wanted for so long. I also took a few deep breaths and told Tom telepathically that it was all OK.

Carrie checked I was OK before removing the catheter and had Heather check it under a microscope to see if it had definitely left and it had. That was it. I was free to go, put my legs down and walk out of there! What!?!? So easy compared to every other procedure right?

I must admit, I wasn't believing at first and sort of waddled back to the ward in case it fell out but got used to it and skipped across the car park back to Tom who immediately thought there was something wrong since I was literally 25 minutes in total 😂

And I got in the car and we cried for 5 minutes and hugged until we were ready to leave. While I tried to recount what had just happened for him as he missed it all.

And then it was off home to rest, get my legs up and a movie marathon that we'd promised ourselves for transfer day. But not before a quick pit stop to McDonald's for some French fries because of this superstition in the infertile community (mostly down to salt content, read the hyperlink for details). I was excited at first, to finally be one of those women who posts a photo with some McDonald's fries after a transfer, but I'll be honest, I soon regretted it. They were rank. I've always hated McDonald's and haven't been since I was a kid but we sort of felt like we had to for the transfer to work 😂 if we have to do this again I think we'll skip this part. Of course Tom took full advantage with a Big Mac meal! But look how gross these fries are... GROSS!

Once we got home, we were soooo tired from all of the emotions from Friday night / that morning so decided to get into bed and actually have a nap. Two whole hours later we woke up feeling hungover (thanks McDonald's - never again!).

Then it was time to crack open the Nosecco, pop a pizza in the oven and get on with the movies!

First movie up... Our embryoscope... Heather gave me a USB box while I was having my transfer and explained our time lapse video from the embryoscope was on it so we could watch when we got home. We were so excited and we've watched it hundreds of times. It's our embryo from days 1-5 after fertilisation before it got frozen before lockdown. You can actually see the moment it becomes a blastocyst. And now it's back with me. Just magical, emotional, amazing, mind blowing and generally beautiful. I'm so happy to share it right here for you to see and I highly recommend an embryoscope if only for this reason (even though there are also lots of stats to support your embryo development being more successful with one).

And that's it for now. We wait. I got my dates slightly muddled up and have always heard about the "two week wait" thinking it was from the date of the transfer but actually it's not. It's 16 days from the date of your surge. Which means for us, we will test on 24th June and find out if we're pregnant or not.

We discussed the idea of not really telling anyone and keeping it just for ourselves but we've found everyone to be so supportive that actually it's best to be honest. And I want this blog to be a diary for me to look back on as well as help others if it can.

So my next blog might be an update on how I'm coping while we wait! And how much pineapple I've been eating. Or we may wait until 24th June ❤️ Wish us luck!

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