I got my surge after all, thanks hormones for keeping me on my toes!

You might have seen my blog yesterday featuring a hugely frustrated me after receiving a result on my testing stick that appeared to confirm I had stopped ovulating...

Today, at 6am, I woke up really needing a wee so made sure I tested. I jumped back into bed and waited for the result to appear before I went back to sleep. And then I saw it! A solid smiley face! I was having my LH surge after all. Cue me whacking Tom on the back until he was coherent and shoving the stick in his face in my excitement. "I got a solid smiley!" Of course it took me well over an hour to get back to sleep from the excitement and I called the clinic as soon as they opened at 8am.

I spoke to a nurse, Becky, who was so pleased as she'd also spoken to me yesterday evening to discuss what to do since I received some odd results. And she booked me in at 11am today for a scan.

I had been pre-warned that for the scan they want to see a nice thick womb lining and a dominant follicle. So this was the next hurdle to jump over.

I arrived at the clinic for my scan and they took my temperature before being allowed entry, had to sanitise my hands and wear a face mask too. Then a brief wait before I was taken through to see Jane, sonographer and Wanda... The wand. My scan showed I had a dominant follicle of 20mm and Jane said my lining was "Thick and Juicy" so perfect environment for embaby to be deposited back to us.

I don't watch Ru Paul's Drag Race but my friend Danny sent me this clip when I told him about my lining! 😂

BCRM aren't currently doing in-person follow up chats following scans so we left straight after the scan and waited for a nurse to call us about next steps.

A nurse called Gemma phoned us a few hours later and confirmed the scan results. And the following process leading up to Saturday:

  • I start taking Cyclogest pessaries again from Wednesday, twice a day. They're pretty gross but so be it.

  • The lab will call me on Friday to confirm that we want to go ahead with the transfer so they can prepare to thaw our frozen embryo.

  • The lab will call again Saturday morning to confirm the embryo has thawed successfully and to give me a time to come in for transfer.

  • We'll head in for the transfer. Tom won't be able to come in with me, but I'll go through to the theatre where they'll pop me in a gown, take me through to the embryologist and use a speculum and catheter to put the embryo back.

So sounds pretty straight forward! We're both so happy and excited. Finally feels like this is it and we're going to get everything we wanted. I know there are weeks, months and many more hurdles to go through but this just feels like a real chance that we wouldn't have had before. And I'm feeling the most positive I've felt in weeks.

To finish, we have been offered "Embryo Glue" for £150. It's designed to help the embryo stick to my lining when it's put back. Here's an excerpt from some info the clinic sent us:

"EmbryoGlue is an embryo transfer medium which, alongside the standard ingredients added to culture medium to support embryo development, contains a molecule called hyaluronan, which has been shown to increase embryo implantation rates.

A recent literature review by the Cochrane Collaboration – an independent research institute – which covered all published results on the effects of hyaluronan levels during embryo transfer, shows an increase in implantation rate compared to embryo transfer without hyaluronan. Other studies have also demonstrated a significant increase in the number of babies born to couples with a wide range of infertility diagnoses, such as patients above the age of 35, patients with previously failed implantation and patients with unexplained infertility when hyaluronan rich medium is used."

We've decided to go ahead with it. Anything to give it a better chance of working we think.

Interested to hear thoughts if anyone has used this before. Equally interested to hear any tips or anything I can do to help get ready for embaby!

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